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Posted by admin on March 5, 2021
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The newest outdoor attraction in the CSRA- Downtown Augusta is the Augusta Sculpture Trail. 120 artists from around the country submitted plans for ready-to-install sculptures, and the top 10 were selected and invited to bring their art to Augusta. The trail is expected to remain in Augusta for two years, giving the artists an opportunity to be professionally recognized and noticed for their creative talents. It’s also possible that the city could purchase one or a few of the pieces to remain in the city permanently. 

The sculptures in Augusta are placed in close enough intervals that make for a fun and easy walking trail to explore the area. Certain spots use City sidewalks that help make them fully accessible for everyone to enjoy. There is also a digital walking tour produced by the Greater Augusta Arts Council that can help explorers learn more details about each work and the artist behind it while they are on the trail. 

Here is a list of the sculptures on the Augusta Trail along with their creators and locations: 

  • Unstoppable, 11th & Broad Street
      • Gus and Lina Ocamposilva of Oldsmar, Florida have used various mediums to create their pieces. This sculpture honors the freedom and perseverance of the human spirit with a cheerful attitude towards life. 
  • Impractical Hardware, 10th & Broad Street
      • This sculpture comes from Harry McDaniel out of Asheville, North Carolina. He uses graceful curves, a sense of motion, and elements of illusion as common threads in his pieces. The goal of his art is to reward those who wonder about the significance of forms and explore different viewing angles. 
  • Invasive, 836 Broad Street
      • Jenn Garrett of Gainesville, Florida paid homage to her mother and sister who have both battled breast cancer. It is a beautiful and unsettling piece of two hot pink forms appearing from a landscape. The petals are cut from aluminum plates in a cell stain pattern, which references plant forms and the disease process. 
  • Sun Lion, 836 Broad Street
      • D’jean Jawrunner of Tucumcari, New Mexico views the world microscopically, telescopically, and empirically. He sees horned toads as reptilian unicorns that are both mythical and spiritual, predator and prey. 
  • Orion, 8th & Broad Street
      • David Sheldon of Asheville, North Carolina created this piece with a “NASA aesthetic”. It is influenced by the instruments of space exploration as well as the moving rhythms of modern architecture. 
  • Maestro/Forever Young, 8th & Broad Street
      • This visual stimulus was created by Larry Schueckler from College Station, Texas. It examines the impact of movement when conveying thoughts, ideas and stories through performing arts. 
  • Duet, 836 Reynolds Street
      • Based out of Georgia, Gregory Johnson has spent nearly 30 years forming contemporary sculptures. He builds upon the traditional concepts of classical compositions with detailed attention to surfaces and forms. 
  • Popsicles, 836 Reynolds Street
      • Craig Gray of Key West, Florida focuses on connecting community and exploring culture. He aims to warm the soul and bring happiness to the heart. 
  • What a Wonderful World, 8th & Riverwalk
      • Leonard Ursachi of Brooklyn, New York explores the consequences of human activity on the environment through his pieces. This piece is woven from different types of tree branches that form an egg-like “globe”, which resembles a fragile but repairable world. 
  • Stepped Tower, 8th & Riverwalk
    • The Professor Emeritus at the University of Georgia, Larry Millard, created this piece to reveal layers of history as “steps”. 


Click here for a detailed map of the Sculpture Trail, open until January 2023. 

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