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Autumn Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Posted by admin on September 1, 2021
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Fall in the south is unlike any other area. It gets chilly enough for a cardigan, but still comfortable enough to spend time outside. Between pumpkin patches, bonfires, fall fairs and more, there are plenty of activities that the season brings. If you’re looking for a way to get the family outside more, come up with a few special scavenger hunt ideas for the season. 


  • Look for a large red leaf.
  • Grab the smallest yellow leaf you can find. 
  • Find a sign of animal presence, such as a bird feather or paw print. What animal do you think left it there? 
  • Search for an old bird’s nest. 
  • Find two pieces of tree bark- one smooth and one rough. 
  • Find a smooth pebble and paint it with your favorit 
  • Grab the largest pine cone you can find. 
  • Find a pumpkin with a long stem at a pumpkin patch or around your neighborhood (but don’t take from your neighbors! Just snap a picture if you see one on a neighbor’s porch).
  • Pay attention to colors, textures and shapes of different items. For example, you can have kids look for a smooth leaf or a cloud that is shaped like a pumpkin. 
  • Look for seeds scattered on the ground. 
  • Find a large spider web (no need to touch or collect!). 


Spend time decorating a special bag or box for everyone to collect their fall treasures. You could make the hunt into a contest by treating the winner to their favorite sweet treat or a gift card, or just make it fun and use it as an excuse to get everyone outside and explore! Either way, it’ll make great memories for years to come and could even turn into a family tradition each year when fall rolls around. 

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