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Posted by admin on June 10, 2021
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Backyard Theater DIY 

Watching a movie on the big screen is one of the best things to do any time of year, but especially on a hot summer evening. However, due to everything 2020 brought us, movie theaters have drastically slowed in business and many have closed. It can also be difficult to take large groups to a movie theater. If you want to have a fun family movie night with no restrictions, try building the environment in your backyard! 

First, you’ll need a projector. There are many affordable varieties that can be found on sites such as Amazon or in your local big-box store. Modern projectors offer excellent quality that may even make you forget you’re in your own backyard! However, keep in mind that they might not be the most bright to show a movie outdoors during the day. Night time will be perfect for your at-home movie night, especially if you have a good screen for bright projection. 

Speaking of screens, you’ll want something smooth as opposed to projecting it onto the side of your house. If you have shingles, you’ll be able to see the texture throughout the movie and it could be distracting. Instead, a large white sheet can be an affordable solution. Pull the material as taut as you can by attaching it to the side of the house or building a makeshift frame. There are also inflatable screens and relatively affordable standalone screens that can be purchased for a more professional effect. 

How do you plan to play the movie outdoors? It’s not too likely that you still own a DVD or Blu-ray player due to the abundance of smart TVs and streaming services. Streaming sticks, such as Roku or Google Chrome sticks can connect to the HDMI input of your projector. Just make sure your Wi-Fi is in range for a clear connection. If you don’t own a streaming stick, you could also hook up your laptop to the HDMI input and stream that way. 

Good sound quality is important for an outdoor movie night as well. Projectors usually have built-in speakers, but it’ll be better to add a Bluetooth speaker or soundbar so everyone can hear the movie easier. If you go with a Bluetooth speaker, be sure that it’s compatible with the projector you have. 

Last but not least is SNACKS and fun! Rent a popcorn machine or pre-pop a few buckets worth ahead of time. Set up a candy station on a small folding table for family and friends to choose their own variety. Bring out a few coolers with everyone’s favorite beverages. Another good thing to have on hand is insect repellent, especially during those hot and humid summer evenings. Have guests bring their own lawn chairs or set up blankets and pillows on the ground to lounge in. Make the most of your at-home movie night and have fun making memories with those you love!

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