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Benefits of Having a Guest Suite

Posted by admin on December 26, 2018
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Guest suites have always been a popular addition to the home and are often built with new homes today. They allow privacy for parents or in-laws that may need to stay with you for a while or any guest that you are hosting for a period of time.

One important thing to consider when adding the guest suite is the location in the home. It should be separated enough to give the guest a sense of privacy and a space that they can make their own. Home buyers typically choose to have the guest suite added from a spare room or even an upgraded, fully-furnished basement.

Keep your guest’s wants and needs in mind when designing the suite if it is for a long-term stay. For example, if a parent will be there in need of care, consider adding features such as non-slip flooring in the bathrooms for more safety. If it will be a sanctuary for friends and family who visit from out of town, have a fully-stocked bar and kitchen area for entertainment.

An added benefit to having a guest suite in your home is that it doesn’t have to be custom designed for one person year-round. You can update and change the suite as much as you like. When it is not occupied, it would make for a great office space or playroom for the kids.

Another plus side to adding a guest suite to your home is that it will increase the property value if you decide to resell later on down the road. Potential buyers love additional space when they are looking at homes and having this feature may give you an upper hand when selling.

Having this additional space in the home isn’t for everyone, so work with your home builder and plan with your family to decide what works best for you and your individual needs.

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