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Best Colors to Decorate with in September

Posted by admin on September 1, 2021
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Pumpkin spice lattes are back and sweater weather is just around the corner. Is your home still full of bright blues and beachy-themed summer decor? Get ready to store summer away for a few months and bring out the fall decor. Keep these current color trends in mind if you want to stay up-to-date on your interior design: 


  • Earthy tones are a classic year-round, but they especially come in handy during the fall when you want your home to give off a cozy and warm vibe. Think olive greens, browns, and creamy shades of white or ivory to bring the outdoors in without the chilly breeze. Earth-toned chunky knit blankets are a perfect addition to couches and beds to add that cozy appeal. 
  • Blush is a beautiful accent to neutral tones and has a variety of uses in the fall. If you haven’t seen blush painted or ceramic pumpkins, you should! They are beautiful and create the perfect centerpiece for a table when filled with fall floral pieces. 
  • Terracotta brings that warm fall feeling to any home. The red, orange and brown tones are reminiscent of fall weather and can add a bold look to the home while still being earthy. 
  • Jewel tones are great for accent and accessory pieces. A deep green velvet ottoman or chair can add a touch of brightness to a room without being overwhelmingly bold. 
  • Distressing has been popular in recent years with furniture, but consider tarnished metals for a vintage fall look in your decor. Brass or tarnished copper candle stands and vases can catch the eye more than a typical glass piece might. 
  • When you’re shopping for pumpkins, look into green and white options. They may not always be found at the pumpkin patch, but faux pumpkins at the craft store can be painted any color you please. These will stand out on your porch among the sea of orange down the rest of the street. 


The good thing about these color trends is that they will easily carry over into winter as well, sans pumpkins. Load up those shopping carts and transform your home into a cozy abode! 

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