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Posted by admin on February 18, 2021
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Did you know that February is Canned Food Month? The Canned Food Information Council designated the month of February to celebrate and utilize the wonderful resource that canned food provides. 

Few fruits and vegetables grow in the winter, which inspired Napoleon Bonaparte of France to lay out a contest where a French inventor developed the first process to hermetically seal and heat-sterilize food storage containers. Before this, the main ways to preserve food were salting, drying, sugaring and smoking. 

Canning has evolved from glass containers to tin-plated iron, and then the aluminum that we use today. Aluminum is lighter and does not rust, making it the ideal material for canning foods and beverages. 

Today, commercially canned goods are used by nearly every population by all types of people. They’re a popular and cheap dietary staple and offer convenience to everyone. 

How should we celebrate Canned Food Month? Donating is a great way to start! Clean out your pantry space and box up those non-expired canned goods that won’t be used in your home. A local food bank or shelter would be more than happy to take them off of your hands and distribute to those in need. 

Another way to celebrate Canned Food Month is by using the canned foods in your pantry to create quick and easy meals. Here are a few simple recipes by Love Canned Food: 

Here are a few fun facts about canned food: 

  • They are the most recycled packaging in America, which proves that they can be environmentally friendly.
  • A common belief about canned foods is that they are saturated with salt, but they have not been proven to be a top source of extra sodium. However, if you are unsure and want to take cautious measures, drain and rinse the canned foods to decrease the salt content. 
  • Canned food can stretch a monthly food budget as it is cheaper than fresh produce.
  • The high-heat process that foods go through while being canned prevents the growth of dangerous microorganisms that could cause sickness. 

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