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Choosing a Word for the Year

Posted by admin on January 7, 2021
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It’s a New Year, which means it’s time to choose a new word of the year. Whether you’re new to this practice or you’re a veteran, it’s always good to have a single word to focus on throughout the year as opposed to a list of resolutions that you may or may not stick to. Choosing a word for the year will help you point out the thoughts and actions you’d like to work on and determine your priorities, such as family or personal growth. Whether you want to work on one area of life or multiple, having a word that will tie parts of your life together helps with focus and attention. 

Choosing a new word for the year doesn’t have to be a daunting task. If you’ve never chosen one before, here’s a quick way to find one without waiting for it to jump out at you. 

  • List the things you want to focus on.
  • Determine a common theme for your list.
  • Think of a few words that could work.
  • Decide which of the words you’ve chosen feels most motivational to carry throughout the year. 


Consider whether your word promotes action, such as jump or rise, versus a descriptive word such as calm or something concrete such as home or work. 

Once you’ve decided what your word of the year should be, you can set goals and resolutions around that word. For example, if your word is rest, you can set goals to spend less time scrolling on your phone, sign up for yoga classes, or keep a planner so you don’t over-schedule yourself. Having one word at the forefront of your mind will give you a point of reference to stick to when things seem to keep piling up. 

If you want to look at your word and think about it every day, design a phone wallpaper that features your word. That way, it is the first thing you see every time you open your phone and will serve as a reminder. You can also decorate your journal or planner with your word if it’s something you’ll be using regularly. 

There’s no need to overthink about choosing a new word for the year. It’s okay to decide what your word should be at ANY time. You can even change it if you feel it’s necessary! If one word works for the beginning of the year but your priorities shift around summertime, you can try using a word of the season instead. 

Don’t let trying to choose a word stress you out. Think of what your goals and priorities are and find a word that encapsulates those goals. Easy enough! 


Below are a few popular Words of the Year created we’ve created as cell phone backgrounds!


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