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Choosing the Right Square Footage for Your Home

Posted by admin on October 11, 2018
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Home building is a fun, exciting, delightful, yet strenuous process. When you decide to work with a semi-custom home builder, some of the work such as delegating with contractors will get taken off of your plate but you are left with small decisions that make a big impact. One of those big decisions is deciding on the best floor plan for your family and needs. Semi-custom home builders offer a catalog of floor plans with varieties of square footage. There are different reasons to consider going with a smaller home or a larger one.


The main factor to consider when buying a home is the budget. An obvious reason buyers choose smaller homes is they are typically more affordable than larger ones. Sometimes, buyers will prioritize and compromise in order to save money by choosing a smaller floor plan. A buyer may think they need to have an extra room for a gym or home office, but can save money by refinishing a basement with a smaller home instead. However, if your heart is set on something bigger, you will be able to make it work.


If the family is fairly new and still growing, it may be better to choose a floor plan with one or two extra rooms to prepare for that growth. This avoids having to move into a bigger home later on and making these decisions all over again. You always want to think about the overall functionality of your home when going through the building process.


There are other factors to take in when deciding which amount of square footage is best for you when buying a home, which is why it is always recommended that you take your time and think carefully about every choice. Although it isn’t permanent and you can build or buy another home later on, it is your semi-custom home and you will want to make sure it meets all of your needs.


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