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Cleaning Up After a Storm

Posted by admin on October 14, 2018
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Hurricane Michael swept through the CSRA this week and has left extensive damage in parts of the area. Thousands of Georgia residents were left without power, countless trees fell, and flash flooding made some roads undriveable. Thankfully, the area didn’t get hit as hard as anticipated but there is still excessive cleanup to be done. Here are some tips for assessing damage and recovering from the storm in your home.



If there is any flooding in your home, you will need to cut the power until it can get taken care of. If water levels reach any electrical outlets, there could be serious danger for you and anyone else in your home.

Hiring a professional restoration service may be the best bet for cleaning any water damage. They are trained in how to get rid of any and all excess water and their services will help prevent mold or mildew in your home.


Fallen Trees

If your yard contains trees that have fallen, it is probably best to call a professional tree removal company. Attempting to clean up the damage yourself puts you at high risk for injury. Go ahead and clean up any small branches to get them out of the way, but leave full trees up to the pros.



The best time to break out the old leaf blower is after a storm, because chances are your yard is covered in anything the wind picked up. Start by blowing away anything that fell around vehicles and clear the rest of the yard to prevent any tripping hazards.


Broken Glass

If hail or debris were in the storm, you may be looking through a broken window or two. Always handle broken glass with extreme caution. Be sure to check with your insurance agency to see if your policy covers storm damage. If so, a lot of the stress will be taken off of your shoulders. If it is a repair you can handle on your own, be sure to securely board up any broken windows until they are able to be replaced.


Storm damage can be extremely stressful, but just be sure to thoroughly assess every part of your home and create a list to take care of it properly. Call the pros when needed and exercise extreme caution when fixing anything on your own.

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