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Posted by admin on January 7, 2021
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Big Game 55 is coming up in February. Typically, this means a packed stadium and watch parties worldwide, but it may be a bit different this year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a recent winter surge, it is still important to maintain social distancing and keep any gatherings as safe as possible for the health of yourself and others. With smaller guest lists and extra attention to cleanliness and food handling, it may seem difficult to have fun this year at a Big Game party. But don’t fret- it’s still possible! Here’s how: 

Stay up-to-date with the latest COVID-19 info and recommendations from the CDC and WHO. While planning in advance is a habit and appreciated by guests, it’s best to take things one day at a time with the current situation. 

If you usually have a huge blowout with a packed house full of friends and family, it’s a given that you should probably scale back on the guest list this year. Evaluate your party space (living room, outdoors?) and decide who you can invite while keeping everyone at a safe distance and not piled on a couch together. Once invites have been sent, be sure to collect RSVPs so you have a close idea of how many people will be in attendance to better plan for the food and sanitization. 

Speaking of food, you may want to serve dishes yourself or enlist the help of a few friends that way one person is handling a dish (preferably with gloves) and the same utensil isn’t being passed around between guests. You could even opt in for prepackaged food items such as snack-size bags of chips or boxed meals from a local fast food restaurant! Aim for single-serve drinks as well in cans or bottles so that there is no worry of handling 2-liters or pitchers. 

Set up multiple “sanitization stations” throughout your home for guests to have a quick and easy option for killing germs. Grab a few medium or large bottles of hand sanitizer to place at the door, on tables, and on counters. Keep a can of disinfectant spray or wipes readily available as well to keep surfaces clean. 

If the weather is appropriate, consider hosting your Big Game party outdoors! Grab a white sheet to hang and use a projector for a big-screen experience of the game. Guests can bring their own chairs and easily stay at least 6 feet apart while still enjoying time together. 

One last option for celebrating the Big Game in a safe way is to host an online party. This can easily be done through platforms such as Zoom or Facebook Live, where guests can make comments to each other during the game and there can be a sense of togetherness while staying safe and healthy. 

No matter how you choose to watch the Big Game this year, do what you can to keep yourself and others healthy! 

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