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Creating a Learn From Home Space

Posted by admin on August 13, 2020
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This school year is set to look much different than in the past. Some students have chosen to return to a classic school setting, while others will be learning from home with the assistance of their teachers online. Being at home can create easy distractions from work that needs to be done, so here are a few ways to create the best environment for completing schoolwork at home. 


Plan for the actual needs of the student, not picture-worthy online inspiration boards. When you let go of the expectation for the space to look perfect, creating the learn from home area will be a lot simpler. Think about the specific needs of the student: do they thrive with soft music playing, or do they prefer quiet for focus? Are they active? Maybe a standing desk would be better than sitting for work to be done. Would facing a window distract them or would the natural light brighten their spirits and help them focus better? Asking these questions will help cut out the “need” for unnecessary items. 


Dedicate a specific space in the house just for learning. Allowing the student to spend one day in their room, one day in the kitchen and so on can lighten the schedule too much and cause more distractions. If there isn’t a room in the home that can be fully dedicated to at-home learning, create a spot that will bring consistency. A foldable chair and desk that can be easily stored away are great substitutes for an actual room. 


Make sure the space is comfortable for the student. They don’t need a spot that is going to cause more stress, so declutter any unnecessary items that can be distracting. Visual stimulation is great for their brain, but try not to go overboard. Hang small pictures or educational visuals that will allow their mind to wander for a moment of rest from the work, but won’t fully take their attention away. 


Gather a few books that the student may be interested in and create a spot for free reading time. This will increase their imagination, stimulate their brain and give them a moment of rest while staying busy! Avoid letting them have unlimited screen time when they are not working on school. 


It’s important to do everything you can for your student to succeed, especially during this unprecedented year. Make sure the learning space is tailored to their needs and they have all of the necessary resources to complete their schoolwork without being overwhelmed. 

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