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Dealing with Cabin Fever

Posted by admin on August 13, 2020
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As the summer nears an end and difficult decisions are being made surrounding the back-to-school season, it may be tempting to fit every activity possible into your schedule. Unfortunately, the pandemic has not slowed down. While everyone wants to make special summer memories, it may be better to think outside of the box and come up with fun activities while still social distancing and keeping others safe. Here are a few creative ways to keep you from sitting at home bored for the rest of the summer. 


Backyard Water Park

Since most amusement and water parks are still closed, why not bring the fun to your own home? A classic favorite trick is to place a sprinkler under the trampoline for some slippery and bouncy fun. A tarp with water and a bit of dish soap is great for a slip and slide race. Set up a cooler outside full of popsicles and juice for little ones to stay hydrated on a hot day. 


Backyard Camp-Out

Camping is a great summer activity that’s easy to do while social distancing. However, campgrounds have been filling up quickly. If a campground near you is full, don’t give up hope. Invite a few friends or family members over and have them bring their own tents. Set them up in the backyard and don’t forget the bug spray! Roast s’mores over a bonfire at night and share some of the good things this year has brought for you personally.  During the day, try some of the “water park” activities previously mentioned. 


Sidewalk Chalk Gallery

Gather a few neighbors together to transform the sidewalks into works of art. You could even create an event out of it where everyone can take walks (distanced, of course) and pretend they are at an art show or museum. Take it up a notch by making a contest out of the chalk art and providing a gift card or other prize to the winner! 


Go Kayaking

Big vacations, cruises and boat tours may not be available, but you can discover a ton of beauty in your hometown. There are local organizations such as this one that offer kayak rentals for you to enjoy a relaxing day on the river. 


Outdoor Movie Night

This is a great evening activity to cool off after those hot summer days. Grab a tarp or sheet (you could even use the side of your house if you have white or light grey siding) and an inexpensive projector to play your favorite movie outside. Invite a few neighbors and make a DIY “concession stand” complete with popcorn, candy and drinks. 

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