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Do-It-Yourself Snow Globes

Posted by admin on December 11, 2019
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Snow globes are an exciting Christmas tradition. Whether you are pulling an old family heirloom out of the attic or getting your child’s favorite character each year, snow globes add a special touch of magic to the season. For a fun way to spend time with family and create memories, take a look at these DIY options. 


Mason Jar Snow Globe

A mason jar, pickling salt, and animal (or other) figurines are all you need for this easy snow globe. The mason jar gives a rustic touch and is easy for kids to assemble. Just be sure to attach the lid with hot glue after all of the pieces have been placed inside to avoid spills. 


Add Glitter

Find an old plastic water bottle with the label peeled off. Add a few small Christmas figurines and fill the bottle with distilled water. Pour in your favorite color glitter and glitter glue. This creates a calming, sensory-friendly snow globe. 


Fill Your Own

Most craft stores carry empty traditional snow globes. For an easy option, look for one of these and fill with your favorite small knick-knacks or photos. While some of the snow globes already have snow inside, others may not which gives you the freedom to choose your own colors. 


Shot Glass Snow Globe

A shot glass is the perfect size for a snow globe ornament. Simply add a dash of glitter and a small Christmas figurine, then glue a sturdy cardstock around the base. Glue string or twine to the top to attach to your Christmas tree. These are great gifts for friends and family as well. 


When creating your own snow globe, the possibilities are endless with different types of jars, glitters, and other additions. Enjoy this fun holiday tradition that the whole family can be included on!

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