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Downsizing: What You Need to Consider

Posted by admin on July 18, 2022
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Downsizing: What You Need to Consider


It’s time to move out again! But this move will be very different from your previous moves. Now that you’re downsizing, there are many things you have to consider that might not have crossed your mind. So we’ll be talking about the factors to think about while you’re moving into your smaller home.


Assess the Type of Home You Want 

When moving into a smaller home, you want to ensure your new home will fit your new lifestyle. Think about how many rooms you need. Do you want to live in the countryside or the city? What kind of home would you like?

Since downsizing is a lifestyle choice, you’re allowed to be a little picky with this move. However, if a home is less than ideal, don’t settle for it! Instead, go for a house you know will meet your lifestyle demands.


What Pieces of Furniture Are You Going to Take 

Since you’re downsizing, you will have to choose which pieces of furniture you will take with you. This might be difficult to decide, but generally, you want to bring furniture you know you will use and need in your new home. 

Also, ensure that the furniture you take with you will fit in your new home. It’s essential everything fits comfortably in your new home.


Make a Downsizing Schedule 

You want to start downsizing three months before your move. Yes, this may not be easy. However, many movers choose to plan out their move with a downsizing schedule

A downsizing schedule helps you track what you need to do and what you have done. In addition, having a downsizing schedule makes your move a lot easier. It takes a tremendous amount of stress off your shoulder. 

With a downsizing schedule, you spend less time searching for missing or unpacked items. Instead, you spend more time packing everything up, getting rid of everything you don’t need, and most importantly, relaxing. 


Consider all the Benefits and Downsides of Downsizing 

You may or may not have considered all the benefits and disadvantages of downsizing. However, what helps is making a list of the pros and cons before you go through with your move.

Consider just how much this move will affect your lifestyle (for better or worse), the costs of moving out, and the long-term savings you will get by moving into a smaller home.

If you can list more pros than cons for your move, you know you’re making the right choice. On the other hand, if you list more cons, you and your partner might want to reconsider your move.


Budget Your Move to Your New Home 

In the long term, you will save a lot of money by downsizing. However, the costs of moving can be a lot. Therefore, calculate the cost of your move and figure out how much you will spend before you move. 

If you need some help, consider local moving companies in your area. If you’re worried about a clumsy mover accidentally breaking your favorite piece of china, invest in a moving company that provides movers’ insurance. That way, you get reimbursed for anything that breaks during your move.


Final Thoughts on Downsizing

Downsizing can get stressful, but most downsizers don’t regret their move. They have to pay less in a mortgage and utilities and spend less time maintaining their home. That gives them more time to enjoy themselves, invest more funds into their hobbies, and enjoy the world around them.

So while moving out can be difficult, once you settle into your new home, you know you’ve made the right choice.

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