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Easy Christmas Decor

Posted by admin on December 9, 2019
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The Thanksgiving leftovers have been eaten, the pumpkins have been tossed in the trash and your favorite Christmas jingles are on the radio. ‘Tis the season! Holiday decorations can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you want for your home. Take these quick and unique ideas into consideration when deciding how your home will look this holiday season. 


Wrap the Doors

Okay, this isn’t what you’re thinking. There are plenty of clever ways to make gift wrap appear clean and classy on a door. This can be as simple as taking a large ribbon and creating a beautiful gift bow around your kitchen cabinets. 

Wrapping can be done to any door, so think about dressing up your refrigerator or dishwasher as well! 


Garland and Tinsel

Adding string lights to plain garland can bring it to a whole new level. Draping the garland over your entryway makes for a warm and welcoming environment as soon as guests walk in. Try hanging garland and lights over each entryway in your home for a classic Christmas feel. 

Sparkly tinsel looks great wrapped around the staircase or front porch. It’s an easy way to add some Christmas spirit to children’s rooms or playrooms as well! 

A fun DIY garland idea is to take your leftover ornaments that didn’t fit on the tree and string them on twine or ribbon. Adorn the wall in the same room your tree is in for added shine. 


Fill Containers

Trying to decide what to do with that old vase or mason jar? Grab some leftover ornaments or battery-powered string lights to accessorize a table or shelf. A cake stand with branches and Christmas florals would be great in the kitchen. You could even use fake snow as a base when filling your containers to add some depth. 


Pinecone Trees

If one large Christmas tree is enough for your home, consider adding a few smaller ones to decorate shelves or other rooms. Pick up some pinecones during a walk or purchase a bundle of fake ones from your local craft store and place them in small pots. Spray paint them green, add some glitter and glue a star charm to the top! This is a fun and simple craft to do with kids around and fun for the whole family. 

Another option when making pinecone trees is to glue multiple cones together, creating a larger tree. You can spray paint it in any color, but green with white flocking is a simple classic. 


Decorating for Christmas doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. Take a look at what you already have lying around the house or what is leftover after decorating the tree. Save yourself some time waiting in long lines at specialty stores and DIY most of your decor this season! 

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