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Embracing Daylight Saving Time

Posted by admin on November 5, 2020
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Still not used to the time change?  Halloween festivities are over and you’ve set your clocks back. While extra sleep is typically nice, do we really need another hour of 2020? All jokes aside, it can be tough to adjust to Daylight Saving Time. Here are a few ways you can begin to get into the right mindset and handle the end of Daylight Saving Time like a pro.

Change your Clocks

This is one of the more obvious ways to prep for falling back, but you may forget about clocks that you rarely mess with such as microwaves and car clocks. Go ahead and get those times adjusted before Sunday so you won’t be thrown off by differing times on each clock. 

Let the Light in 

Open your blinds first thing Sunday morning to allow for natural light to enter your home. It will keep your internal circadian rhythm regulated and offer a quick pick-me-up to compensate for the shorter days and dark evenings. Exposure to morning light can do wonders for helping with the winter blues. 

Avoid Energizing Activity before Bedtime

This year, it may be tough to accomplish this task. Since Halloween is the night before the end of Daylight Saving Time, you may find yourself and/or your little ones on a sugar rush. Candy, caffeine, and high amounts of activity can impact your ability to sleep well and throw off your internal clock. Try to set a time cutoff for the energizing foods and activities to ensure a good night’s rest. 

Adjust the Sleep Schedule Gradually

This is especially important for little ones. Try to go to bed at least 15 minutes earlier leading up to Daylight Saving Time to help your body adjust to a new sleep cycle. 

Don’t forget how important natural light is for adapting to the end of Daylight Saving Time. Pace yourself, be well prepared and enjoy the extra hour of rest as much as you can. 

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