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Posted by admin on August 13, 2020
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Here we are with yet another month of navigating around a “new normal” amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Initially, we thought and hoped it would go away by summer but it has proved that it has no intention of leaving anytime soon. Because of that, many states and businesses are requiring the use of face masks in public. Masks are helping to slow the spread of germ particles and are a good precaution to have when going out. 


Healthcare workers are running around hospitals and medical offices constantly, so it’s best to reserve the medical-grade supplies such as fitted N95 masks for them. Cloth face masks are a great and easily accessible way to help prevent the spread of the virus. There are many simple patterns online to make your own, such as those that can be found here. Local shops, grocery stores and other retailers are also selling a variety of masks for personal use. 


If you struggle with a mask fogging up your glasses or sunglasses, you’re not alone. It can be frustrating and tough to deal with when out in public. To help solve this problem, make sure your mask fits properly over your nose. An adjustable wire nose piece will keep the warm air from coming up into your glasses. Another solution would be to pull your mask up under the bottom of your glasses for a secure fit. Keep a cleaner with you when you’re out and about to quickly wipe the lenses if needed. 


Another issue that commonly arises is the general discomfort of masks. Any mask you own should fit above your nose and below your chin in a snug manner, but not suffocating. A common complaint is the ear straps on masks being irritating or pulling the ears forward, causing strain. Thankfully, “ear savers” have been invented that can be placed on the back of the head for straps to attach to and give relief to your ears. There are also headbands with buttons on the sides and you can easily make your own to hook the straps over. 


Only use cotton face masks. It has better ventilation and is less likely to trap moisture and sweat that can make you feel too hot. If you have sensitive or dry skin, be sure to apply a moisturizer before wearing your mask to prevent irritation. Try to avoid wearing makeup under the mask as well, since it can clog pores and cause breakouts. 


Hopefully these tips will help make your mask-wearing experience more comfortable. Do you part to slow the spread of the virus and wash your hands! 

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