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Fall Vegetables to Try

Posted by admin on October 15, 2020
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Is there a better season for comfort food than fall? The crisp feeling in the air is a truly refreshing change from humid summer heat. If you’re interested in taking advantage of some of fall’s natural flavor selection, here is a list of in-season vegetables to try in your dishes. 

Green Beans

Green beans can last fresh through early winter and are loaded with essential vitamins C and K. While it may take away some of the health benefits, soaking them in butter or fried onions sure can bring the comfort food factor. 


These are available year-round, but their flavor is most rich in the fall. The vibrant color and earthy flavor makes them a perfect addition to soups and salads. A cup of beets contains more potassium than a banana as well as inflammatory benefits. 

Brussels Sprouts

The versatility in brussels sprouts as well as the vitamin C content make them the perfect fall meal staple. You can try them roasted, steamed, or even bacon wrapped. 


Many people have a love-hate relationship with cauliflower due to its nutritional benefits and occasional lack of taste. However, with the right combination of seasoning and cooking to a good consistency, cauliflower can be a great low-carb replacement for starchy items such as mashed potatoes or pizza crust. 


The nutty flavor of white root parsnips adds dimensional flavor to roast dishes and stews. The longer they stay in the ground before being harvested, the sweeter their flavor will be. They’re low in calories and rich in fiber. 


Squash season begins in the summer and lasts through winter. Butternut squash and spaghetti squash are both extremely popular in fall recipes. Spaghetti squash is a wonderful low-carb alternative to pasta and it’s tough to tell the difference once you’ve added a good sauce to the dish. Winter squashes help eye health and are high in fiber and potassium. 


Surprised? Of course pumpkin is a fall favorite! It is so much more than a decoration piece. Pumpkin is a wonderful addition to fall recipes in sweet and savory fashions. Try a pumpkin soup for dinner and pumpkin cheesecake roll for a decadent dessert. Roasted pumpkin seeds are an easy snack to enjoy as well. They are strong in zinc, which is great for your immune system. 

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes don’t have to be reserved for Thanksgiving Day. One cup of them will contain the recommended daily amount of vitamin A and half the amount of vitamin C. Try sweet potato skins filled with creamy chicken as an easy dinner option or roasted sweet potato chunks for a side dish. You can also sweeten them up with pecans and marshmallows for a delicious dessert casserole. 

Let your taste buds roam free this fall and experiment with in-season vegetables. Try new recipes and share with your family and friends! 

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