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Fireworks Safety

Posted by admin on July 1, 2019
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Our nation’s Independence Day is quickly approaching, which means fireworks stands are on full-blast (pun intended) getting Americans stocked up with their favorite sparkling light shows. Since fireworks are legal in Georgia and South Carolina, stands and stores everywhere have different displays to customize your home light show. Safety when using fireworks is extremely important – in 2017, over 12,000 people were injured badly enough from fireworks that they needed medical treatment. Don’t let that be you or your loved ones this year. Practice safety on the 4th with these tips! 


Never allow young children to handle fireworks, sparklers or otherwise. This is an extremely dangerous risk and is not worth taking a chance on your child’s safety just to get that perfect summer picture for social media. Children will be just as happy with glow sticks or confetti poppers in patriotic colors! If you do allow your older children to handle fireworks or sparklers, keep them under careful supervision. 


Do not light any type of fireworks indoors. Even small sparklers could cause a massive fire if a spark hits something flammable. When you do go outside for the fireworks show, get a clear distance away from houses, cars, trees and brush so that there is a clear path for the fireworks to be ignited and disperse. 


Do not try to re-light or handle any fireworks that have been previously used or may have a malfunction. This poses a serious threat to your safety and they need to be discarded immediately. 


Keep a bucket of water or a garden hose nearby in case your fireworks don’t fully go off. This will quickly extinguish them and it is nice to have an emergency plan in case of accidental fire. 


For larger fireworks, only light one at a time. While it may be tempting to use multiple for a bigger show, the risk of mixtures colliding with each other and causing a large fire is too high. 


Keep pets inside. Animals have highly sensitive ears and are prone to running away when they are scared of loud noises. Make sure they are secure in the home or if they are outside with you, that you keep them as comfortable as possible and secured on a leash or in a fence. 


By practicing these tips, you’ll keep yourself and your family protected while still having fun! Enjoy your fireworks and have a happy and safe Independence Day!

Disclaimer: Follow all local laws and ordinances governing pyrotechnics as well as manufacture safety standards.
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