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Five Ways to Appeal to Millennial Home Buyers

Posted by admin on July 11, 2019
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According to Pew Research, a millennial is defined as anyone born between 1981 and 1996. That makes them 23-38 years old today, which is a ripe time frame for homebuying. The average age for buying a home in the United States is 34 years old, but the millennial generation tends to be highly driven and focused which could result in buying before then. Home ownership is appealing in terms of security, building equity, and having financial stability. This is not a group to miss out on- here are 5 ways to appeal to potential home buyers in the millennial age: 


Mix Old with New 

Thanks to home improvement shows (looking at you, Chip and Jo!), millennials are drawn to modern farmhouse styles, but some are into a more sleek look. Regardless of the potential buyer’s style, be sure that your home has minimized clutter when preparing to show and present ways that they can DIY certain areas to their own preference. 


Keep Things Fresh

This generation tends to be all about the hustle, potentially leaving them little time at home due to constantly working one or more jobs. Millennials want a home that can be easily maintained and require very little work to keep up with. Make the home as move-in ready as possible before listing. 


Go Green

Green options in the home help save money on utilities and give a sense of pride in knowing that the environment is better. Consider upgrading to energy-saving appliances and low-flush toilets to reduce energy costs. 


Get Techy

Millennials are all about connectivity. They grew up with the evolution of cell phones to smartphones and can control most things in their house with their voice, thanks to home assistant products. Look into smart home options to add that would increase the value of your home when listing. 


Be Flexible

Extra space that can be converted in various ways is a huge bonus for millennial home buyers. Be sure to emphasize any extra bedrooms in your home or unfinished basements that can be tailored to the homeowner’s needs. 

As always, feel free to turn to any of our qualified realtors for advice on creating a listing that will appeal to millennials or any potential buyer to get your home sold quickly! 


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