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Garden Tools You Shouldn’t Be Without

Posted by admin on June 10, 2020
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Garden Tools You Shouldn’t Be Without

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a fresh beginner, shopping for garden tools can be overwhelming. You’ll be inundated with ads from multiple companies telling you that you need their product, when there are really a few staples that are actually necessary. Here is a list of the essentials for your gardening collection: 

Soil Knife

A soil knife is multifunctional and can replace multiple other tools for gardening. It can be used to easily plant bulbs, flowers and herbs. It also helps dig out weeds, remove rocks, cut through roots and more. 

Shovel or Spade

Shovels are useful for digging holes and scooping soil, but a spade can provide clean edges when planting or slicing through roots. Just be sure to choose a tool with a strong handle and sharp edge. 

Garden Hoe

To remove unwanted roots, move large amounts of soil, or dig trenches, a garden hoe should be in your tool shed. It will handle tough jobs with ease. 

Pruning Shears

If you have plants such as shrubs, roses, or fruit trees, pruning shears are a necessity. Since pruning is a repetitive process, choose a good pair that will be easy on your hands. 

Watering Hose

This is a given, but plants need water! A watering can may not always be practical, especially when you have a larger area to cover. An additional nozzle attachment could also be useful for customizing the spray pattern and providing more reach. 


A good weeding tool is necessary to control weeds before they take over your garden and yard. 


There are various rakes that are good to keep around for different purposes. A leaf rake will come in handy for the fall, but a shrub rake can get into tighter spaces where a classic size may not fit. Garden rakes are good for leveling soil and mulch. 


You’ll want a good pair of gardening gloves when working extensively outside. They will help prevent scratches and blisters as well as provide comfort. Invest in a heavy-duty pair that will make it through any of your gardening chores. 


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