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Posted by admin on June 10, 2021
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Gardening for Small Outdoor Spaces

Flowers and plants can bring beauty to any space, big or small. Gardening can also be a soothing hobby to have that forces you to slow down in the midst of everyday busy life. It’s a common belief that you need an ample amount of land and a full, flourishing garden; however, any space can incorporate gardening. Here are a few ideas to bring gardening to any outdoor space: 

If you’re limited on outdoor space, set up a multi-purpose area. Add comfortable chairs and a small table for outdoor meals, snacks or relaxation time. It would be nice to enjoy the space you work so hard to cultivate! 

Grow herbs on the deck. If your backyard space allows, build a small plant bed to grow herbs that you can continuously use for cooking such as basil and oregano. Having them elevated on the deck or in a high-rise box will make them easier to access as well when you need them for recipes. 

If you have steps leading up to your front porch, use that space to display the plants you are most proud of. Add flower pots around the edge of the steps to catch the eye of anyone who comes to your front door. 

A deck or balcony is a great spot for a small garden if you’re limited on yard space. Build a few planter boxes or hang plants if possible. Working your way up instead of out can still be beneficial and there is a huge amount of potential for a deck garden. 

Window boxes are traditionally used for herbs or flowers. Not only do they give you a spot to grow plants, they are also an easy decor option. A box of bright flowers against a neutral home will make them pop and truly stand out from the crowd. 

If you’re extremely tight on space, try to pick one flower type or color scheme to avoid having too much going on in one spot. Choose your favorite flower and create a garden plan around that. 

Utilize your fence for gardening. It is easy to hang a plant box from a wooden fence and easily store your smaller flowers or other plants. 

Gardening doesn’t always require an expert-level of knowledge and acres of land. Evaluate the space you have and beautify it with plants! 

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