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Posted by admin on July 1, 2021
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It’s no surprise that summer in the south can bring some scorching hot days. Do you like to garden even when temperatures are in the 90s-100s? If so, here are a few ways to keep your plants healthy in the southern summer climate. 

Look for plants that love heat. 

There are certain types of plants that were made specifically to thrive in hot weather. Try tomatoes, eggplant, melons, peppers, and sweet potatoes. They can all handle heat well, but keep an eye on them when temperatures are regularly above 90 degrees. 

Keep plants well-watered. 

Some plants require watering daily, but make an effort to water all of your plants at least 6 inches down once or twice a week. When the heat is extreme, your garden will likely need twice as much water as usual. 

Try to give your plants a little shade. 

Applying partial shade to the garden in high temperatures can reduce them by 10 degrees or more. There are shade cloths and sheer curtains that you can easily use to add shade- just be sure they are well-secured in the event of high winds. 

Place your plants away from stone, brick or concrete. 

These materials absorb a high amount of heat and release it back into the air, making the environment much warmer. Your garden will retain more heat if it is near brick or concrete, so add raised garden beds if you don’t have a sufficient amount of grass or mulch to plant them in the ground. 

Space plants further apart. 

If your plants are placed together too closely, they end up competing with one another for water. Giving distance between them will reduce the stress they undergo in the heat. 

Keep weeds at bay. 

Weeds have vicious root systems and can overtake the soil, destroying your plants. Use a weed eater and weed prevention sprays to keep them away from your plants and allow flourishing. 

Each season brings a new challenge when it comes to keeping your garden at its best. Don’t let the heat ruin your vision of beautiful plants and produce- take good care of everything you’ve planted by watering well and following these tips. 

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