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Halloween in 2020

Posted by admin on October 12, 2020
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Fall is finally upon us. The crisp and colorful leaves, pumpkin patches and smells of cider are some of the best features of this cozy season. Another popular part of fall is Halloween, the most sugar-filled holiday of the year. Unfortunately, there is a very real boogeyman still lingering around and that is COVID-19. None of us thought we would still be here in the fall, but now we can only try to make the best of it. If you are still trying to practice social distancing and don’t plan to trick-or-treat in the traditional sense this year, here are a few alternative options for celebrating Halloween. 

Go all out with decor. 

Rules and guidelines have essentially gone out the window in 2020. Want to put a pumpkin patch in your yard? Go for it! Think a skeleton should join you at the dining room table? Make him a plate. Add a fog machine for an eerie atmosphere. Carve your favorite characters into pumpkins and display them throughout the home. Add faux spider webs over doorways for extra spooks! Do anything and everything you want this season to make this extra time at home more enjoyable. 

Have an in-house trick-or-treating party. 

While everyone is still trying to socially distance, you may want to invite a couple of friends or family members over for a fun evening that the kids can still enjoy. Have an adult sit in each room of the home with candy and let the kids go trick-or-treating right there! This will cut out the worry of inclement weather as well. 

Put a Halloween twist on Easter. 

Another alternative to trick-or-treating would be a candy hunt. Stuff a few pieces of candy into small treat bags and scatter them throughout the yard and around the house. Have children search for them and whoever finds the most bags will win an additional prize, such as a small toy. 

Host a scare-a-thon. 

One of the scariest things about 2020 is that movie theaters have been closed. Anyone else missing the dark room and bucket of popcorn? Pop some at home and turn off the lights, then snuggle up with a cozy blanket and play your favorite scary movie. If horror isn’t your thing, go with a fun Halloween classic that everyone can enjoy. 

Plan a costume parade.

Coordinate with neighbors to have everyone dress up and walk the streets in their costume. No door-to-door contact necessary! Just show off those characters and monsters while having fun with friends and family. Designate a few neighbors to judge for the best costumes in different categories such as Prettiest, Most Scary, or Most Creative. 

Don’t let 2020 steal the fun from your Halloween! Get creative and come up with other ways to have fun if you’re not ready for trick-or-treating. The current events don’t mean a holiday has to be cancelled. 

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