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Hot Chocolate Recipes

Posted by admin on December 11, 2019
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It’s always fun to learn about random national holidays, so let’s take a moment to talk about National Hot Cocoa Day on December 13. Fittingly, the day is celebrated in the middle of the chilly winter season and hot cocoa is the perfect drink to snuggle up with during the holidays. 

Instead of making your typical hot chocolate mix, try a few of these recipes for a twist that will excite your taste buds. 


Old Fashioned

If you want to stick to the classic but would rather make it without powdered mix, try this recipe out. Begin warming a cup of milk on the stove and melt unsweetened chocolate into it (you can add as much or as little as you like). Sugar and vanilla extract are optional for extra sweetness. 


Dairy Free

Do you or does someone you know have a dairy allergy? No need to avoid enjoying a delicious cup of cocoa with this allergy-friendly recipe! Use your favorite soymilk, almond milk, or other milk alternative as the base and melt dark chocolate into it. While dark chocolate is typically bitter, adding some sugar and vanilla will give it the perfect amount of sweet. 


Iced Hot Chocolate

That’s an oxymoron, right? Well, there are people in the world who prefer iced drinks year-round. No need for them to miss out on the fun either! Using the same ingredients as a typical hot chocolate, cool the cup in the fridge instead of warming on the stove. Set aside some of your melted chocolate to place in ice molds, providing you with chocolate ice cubes for an extra yummy treat. 


Peanut Butter Hot Cocoa

Easily enough, you can take the “Old Fashioned” recipe above and add a scoop of peanut butter. It will taste like a melted peanut butter cup in your mug! Add some whipped cream to the top with chocolate and peanut butter drizzle for a photo-worthy drink. 



Hazelnut spread. Milk. Saucepan. Seriously – it’s that easy! Heat the milk until it is steaming, then slowly add in your favorite hazelnut spread with a whisk. Top it off with marshmallows or chocolate drizzle. 


Really, the possibilities are endless when experimenting with different hot cocoa recipes. Make a family day out of it for everyone to try different flavors and it’ll quickly become a holiday tradition. 

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