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Household Items to Sell

Posted by admin on September 3, 2019
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With a new season quickly approaching, many homeowners are cleaning out the old to bring in the new (or simply to declutter). Many neighborhoods like to hold community yard sales where everyone places their items on display in one day, bringing convenience to shoppers as well. While you are cleaning out your home, take some time to determine which items you can sell before you just toss them in the trash or on the curb. 


Old Furniture 

If you are looking to get rid of old pieces of furniture, visit some DIY websites first to see if they can be refinished. A fresh coat of paint could bring extra value and you’d be surprised at what a customer would pay for it at a yard sale! 



While some clothing may be too old and damaged to sell, there are probably a few more items that you’re holding on to even though it’s time to let go. If something doesn’t fit or isn’t your style anymore, place a price tag on it and set it out for the yard sale. You can even bundle items at a lower price for the customer. 



Is your kitchen looking crowded with an abundance of dishes that are barely used? Get ready to sell them. Look for sets first, then go through individual items and determine if you really need them in the home or not. 


Children’s Toys

Children quickly outgrow their toys as they get older. Many of these toys could still be in great condition and are worth selling if they are sitting alone in a closet. Be sure that any battery-operated toys still work before placing them out for sale and wipe off any dirt. 


The possibilities are endless when you are determined to have a refreshed space. A little extra income doesn’t hurt when cleaning out unwanted items, so be sure to examine everything before it is simply tossed to the side! 

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