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Posted by admin on March 24, 2020
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Household Products that Will Help Save Water


Are you looking to cut utility costs and reduce waste? April 22 is Earth Day and in its honor, we are going to talk about how to conserve water usage. The typical household wastes up to 6,300 gallons of water per year! Here are a few easy home solutions to leave a better footprint on the environment. 


Faucet Aerators

Low-flow, high-efficiency faucet aerators will lower a fixture’s water usage by roughly 4%, which can make a sizable difference over the course of a year. Switching to a low-flow aerator from a standard one could save over 500 gallons of water each year. Be sure to recycle the old aerator once you have replaced it. 


Low Flow Water Efficient Showerheads

A single shower usually takes about 11 gallons of water. Multiply that by the amount of people in your home and at least one shower per day, and that number can add up pretty fast. Install a new low-flow showerhead and you could save up to 2,000 gallons of water per year. Worried about water pressure with a low-flow option? Thankfully, products have improved over the years and you won’t have to sacrifice good water pressure. 


Automatic Shut-Off Nozzles

Between the pipe and the showerhead in your bathrooms, you can rest an automatic shut-off nozzle. All you would do is turn the valve with your thumb to turn the water off while you shampoo your hair and wash your body. When you flip the switch back on, your water temperature is the same as it was when you turned it off. This is a small step that can save gallons over time. 


Shower Timer

A shower timer uses smart technology to measure the amount of water used in each shower. It is easily installed onto the shower’s pipe and will give you warnings if a shower takes too long, motivating you to conserve water. 


Soaker Hose

If you maintain your own lawn and/or garden, a soaker hose can help release water slowly and directly onto a plant’s roots. This will help reduce runoff and evaporation, and the hoses can also be set to a timer to help reduce outdoor water usage by up to 50%. 


Automating some of your water processes will help make conservation easier. These time-saving devices are relatively inexpensive compared to the utility costs you will save over the year after having them installed. 


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