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Posted by admin on July 1, 2021
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Is your summer full of to-do lists? Instead of spending the season stressed about checking off every task and activity, try letting loose a little and enjoying the time you have off with your children. 


Empty the calendar while you can. Every single day does not need to be planned by the minute; instead, spend some time taking it easy. Fall schedules can fill up quickly and you can become overwhelmed with all of the school activities piling back on as well as the race to the holidays. Spend these last few weeks of summer with no agenda and create space for last-minute fun. 


Try to stay away from devices and excessive screen time- this goes for children and adults alike. The constant stimulation increases the chances of boredom and devices have become like an extra limb to all of us. Try to spend at least an hour each evening with no screen time and enjoy each other’s company. Take a board game outside and grill burgers for dinner while making new memories! 


Summer is a wonderful time to create a new family tradition. Whether it is going to your favorite beach for a day trip, playing summer games in the backyard or making a special meal before school starts back, there are plenty of small things you can do as a family that will become some of your favorite memories. 


As difficult as it may seem, embrace the chaos. Routines during the school year help things flow smoother and it can be easy to become disheveled in the summer. Don’t look at this as something to be stressed about, but instead embrace the slower pace and break from checking off chores or homework. 


In the south, it’s impossible to avoid the sunshine. This can be extremely beneficial to everyone in the family! If the weather is too warm, head to the pool or beach for a refreshing breeze. It’s difficult to be bored outdoors when you’re surrounded by beautiful scenery. Get a little extra Vitamin D in your system before the kids are stuck in a classroom for most of the day again. 


While adult responsibilities don’t truly go away during the summer like they may for children, it’s still important to have fun and be present. You only get so many summer vacations before they are off to college, so make the most of it and enjoy each other’s time! 

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