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How to Childproof Your Holiday Decor

Posted by admin on November 27, 2020
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It’s a tale as old as time: You have put blood, sweat and tears into decorating your home for the holidays and everything finally looks perfect. Then you hear silence. And then a shatter. Glass ornament pieces are all over the floor and a priceless snowglobe is ruined. Sounds terrible, right? To avoid these nightmares as well as potential injuries, follow our tips on childproofing your decor: 


Curious little minds are easily attracted to bright, shiny ornaments. This is why it’s important to place them strategically on the tree. Those labeled as “shatterproof” or made of soft/unbreakable materials should go around the bottom and anywhere that is within their reach. This way, the worst you have to worry about is a lost ornament under the couch. Put the breakables and sentimental ornaments around the top and out of their reach. 


This is more of a year-round given, but since candles are such a popular holiday gift, it’s important to stress safety with them. Not only are they breakable, but they are clearly a fire hazard. Place them high out of a child’s reach and never near any trees or stockings. To be extra safe, look for faux candles with a battery-powered flame. 

Wrapping Paper and Supplies

The trimmings may be beautiful under the tree, but snap a photo of your staged decor and then tuck the presents away until Christmas. Aside from the risk of them being unwrapped early by impatient hands, ribbons and bows could pose a choking hazard to little ones. 

During the process of wrapping, keep scissors and tape out of reach to avoid injury. 


Be sure that all lights are shatterproof and not easily accessible for children. Also, you’ll need to keep them away from outlets. Set clear rules that switches and outlets are off limits for their safety. Another option is battery-powered sets of lights that can easily be tucked away when not in use. 

Christmas Trees

Young ones are fascinated that an entire tree can be inside of their house for a few weeks. They will want to tug on the branches, peek at gifts and rearrange ornaments. Setting an enclosed baby gate around the tree is one way to keep them out. You can also find felt trees that hang on the wall for children to decorate and stay occupied, away from the real one. 

One last thing to consider when keeping your home safe during the holidays is taking a family home tour. Explain the decorations to children and lay out clear rules of what is safe to touch/be around and what is not. With the proper steps, your decorations can be a great source of enjoyment without endangerment. 

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