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How to Cut Down on Weekly Cooking Time

Posted by admin on September 3, 2019
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Between saving money and making healthier choices, cooking meals at home is beneficial. However, busy schedules can put a damper on the convenience factor when a quick drive-thru run is usually easier. To save time and energy during the week while still eating at home, consider these ideas. 


Cut Vegetables Ahead of Time

Once all of your grocery shopping is done, go ahead and pre-cut all of the vegetables so that they are ready to be thrown in when cooking time comes around. Put your favorite TV show on and knock out this quick chore while enjoying some entertainment. 


Take Advantage of Slow Cookers

While the cooking may be slow, your prep time is fast. There are countless recipes online for easy slow cooker meals with simple ingredient lists. You can throw everything in and let it go for the day, then dinner is ready by the time everyone gets home from school or work. 


Broil Instead of Baking

For something like garlic bread, broiling can make it more crispy and hotter in a quicker amount of time than traditional baking. Place pre-baked goods under the broiler for a quick warm-up. 


Search the Deli Section

The deli section of your favorite grocery store may have something you need for dinner in a pinch. Most stores sell whole rotisserie chickens for a great price, saving both time and money. Grab one on the way home and whip up a quick side item as opposed to another night of fast food. 


Utilize Leftovers

If one of your meals has leftovers, package them up for lunch or dinner the next day. You can even think of creative ways to make a different meal with some of the same foods. For example, a meatloaf one night can be used in a meat and veggie casserole the next. Use your imagination! 


Finding time to cook at home can seem difficult with a busy schedule, but by planning ahead of time and being prepared, it is definitely possible. Don’t be afraid to try different things and be amazed at the time you’ll save! 

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