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How to Have a Successful Open House

Posted by admin on July 31, 2019
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Selling a home can be a challenging and daunting task. It seems like the checklist never ends when trying to prepare everything for listing photos and hosting open houses. For a better chance of standing out among the competition, some prep work is necessary. Follow these steps to make the best first impression possible. 


Make Any Needed Improvements 

If the home needs any improvements or repairs, begin working on them right away. Walk through the house multiple times in the buyer’s shoes and think about what they would see and want in their purchase. Buyers will want the best for their value and for the home to be move-in ready. By putting a little extra time and money into preparing the home for listing, a quicker sale and higher asking price could happen. 


Clean Up 

Cleaning the home inside and out, top to bottom is a surefire way to create a much better showing during open houses. The kitchen and bathrooms should receive extra attention as they tend to get dirtier quicker. Be sure that beds are made and empty the home of unnecessary clutter to make the home appear more spacious. 

Don’t forget to clean the outside as well. Many homeowners overlook this when preparing for an open house, but it is the very first thing a potential buyer will see. Plant a few seasonal flowers for color, repaint the front door if needed, mow the lawn, and clear the yard of any additional debris. 



Potential homebuyers want to picture their own family when walking through an open house. Remove any family photos and personal (especially religious or political) wall hangings or art. If any rooms are painted bright, replace them with a neutral color for the owner to visualize their belongings in the home better. 


Details Matter

A few small details can go a long way in influencing the buyer’s final decision. Set out some fresh-cut flowers on the coffee table and dining room table. Open the blinds and curtains for the buyer to see all of the natural light the home has to offer. Adjust the thermostat to a comfortable setting, especially since guests will be in and out all day. Place the freshest linens in each room and bathroom. All of these small steps will make a huge difference! 


Leave the House 

Your real estate agent will take care of every detail during the open house and ensure that the home stays safe. The owner’s presence could make a potential buyer uncomfortable, and kids or pets could be a distraction. Plan to spend the day away and trust your realtor to do the job. 


There are just a few moments during an open house for a buyer to decide if it’s their dream home or not. Pay attention to these details and take the necessary steps to ensure your home gets sold quickly!

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