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How to Spend the Perfect Fall Night

Posted by admin on September 1, 2021
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Fall evenings in the south are extra special. There’s something about the cool breeze and crisp leaves that make the air feel a little more clear and comfortable. Consider these ideas when you are planning a fall night, whether it be a date or hanging out with friends and family. 

  • Have an outdoor movie night. Gather all of the cozy blankets you can, set up some string lights for a cozy ambiance, and stream your favorite movie projected on an outdoor screen or the side of your house. Switch out ice cold sodas for warm cider and hot chocolate if it is an especially chilly night. 
  • Make s’mores around a bonfire. If you are gathering with a group, have everyone bring their favorite fixings for a s’mores bar- you don’t have to stick with the classic recipe! Try new twists such as chocolate chip cookie s’mores or using different candy bars instead of plain chocolate. If you don’t have the ability to make a full bonfire, portable heating elements can do the job on a smaller, safer scale. 
  • Camp out in the backyard. Set up a tent, sleeping bags and extra blankets to stay warm. Use lanterns for light and if it’s a clear night, lay under the stars to see how many constellations you can spot. 
  • Carve pumpkins! Make it a contest if you’ll be doing it with a group. Whoever carves theirs the fastest or whoever has the best, cleanest design could win a small prize. Display everyone’s creations on the front porch for easy decor after. 
  • If you’re feeling brave and adventurous, find a corn maze you can visit at night. While some may see this as a horror story in the making, it’s nothing more than a fun adventure playing a game in real life that you would normally play on paper or on your phone. 

Activities don’t have to be extravagant. Keep it as simple as you would like or go all out if you choose! Either way, have fun with those around you and make new memories this fall. 


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