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Indoor Activities for Summer Months

Posted by admin on June 10, 2020
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Indoor Activities

The pandemic and social distancing have put a dent in many summer plans. Whether you were planning on a big trip and reservations have been canceled or you are just looking for something creative to do, here are a few different ways to have fun at home this summer. 

Make Fresh Fruit Popsicles

Popsicles are a refreshing treat for anyone to enjoy. All you need is a set of popsicle molds and ingredients of your choice. You can pick a fruit to blend with sugar and water, or layer multiple fruits for a flavorful surprise. Freezing soda or sports drinks would also be a great twist on popsicles. 

Indoor Campout

This could also be done in the backyard, but planning an indoor campout is a weather-proof plan. Clear out some space in the living room and set up a tent. Keep all of the lights out in the house and use your favorite set of string lights for a starry atmosphere. Flashlights and lanterns are useful as well. Have kids pile up their favorite blankets or sleeping bags for a cozy sleepover to remember! 

Laser Maze

Pretend to go on a top-secret mission with a DIY laser maze. All you need is crepe streamer rolls and tape (red streamers make it a little more realistic) and secure them to the wall in different directions while layering on top of each other. Take turns trying to work through the maze without touching the “lasers”. 

Blind Recipe Meal 

If you’re tired of making the same food over and over again, play a new game with the family to try a recipe that you haven’t tested before. Find a cookbook and have someone turn pages until they are told to stop. Whatever recipe they land on is the one that has to be made for the next meal! 

Plastic Bottle Bowling

Save up some plastic beverage bottles and clear space in the kitchen or hallway. Grab a play ball and challenge the family to an impromptu bowling match (no shared shoes required). It’s a fun and competitive way to pass the time. 

When the weather allows, there are plenty of fun things to do outdoors as well while still staying socially distanced. Just get creative and find ways to make this summer a memorable one! 

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