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Keeping Resolutions

Posted by admin on January 7, 2020
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Another new year has begun, which means it’s time for resolutions to be made. This year may feel extra special since we are also in a new decade. Don’t feel the need to set huge goals just because it’s a big year. Change can be intimidating and when goals are set out of reach, it’s easy to slip off within the first few weeks. Keep the tips below in mind while setting your 2020 goals. 


Dedicate time to your resolution.

If your goal is to lose weight, start with a 15-minute walk or workout each day. Gradually build up the time until you are working on it for 1 hour daily. If it’s important, you’ll begin to make it a priority. 


Set realistic goals.

Don’t expect to lose 50 pounds by February. Don’t expect to get a $30,000 raise by April. Just take simple steps in the direction of your goal one day at a time. If you’re aiming for weight loss, try eating the appropriate amount of fruit and vegetable servings each day. Small good choices lead to bigger good choices and start a chain reaction until your resolution becomes a daily lifestyle. 


Replace, but don’t eliminate.

If you give up a bad habit for 2020, replace it with a good habit. Don’t leave that space empty or you will find yourself right back where you were before you set the goal. Substituting your old habits for good, new ones will spark a permanent change. 


Utilize a support system. 

It’s hard to reach a goal on your own without any support. Find a friend or family member that might be working towards the same goal so you can both hold each other accountable. You can even find a group to be part of, which will bring extra encouragement and motivation to keep you going. 


It’s never easy to make a change, big or small. Don’t look for a quick fix, but instead dedicate yourself to making a lifestyle change. If you have setbacks, get back up. You can do this! 

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