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Posted by admin on February 25, 2020
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Kids Room Features

We always see the inspiration boards and perfectly curated blog posts of baby nurseries. The crib, mobile, and calming paint colors are helpful when designing your own nursery. But what about when the children grow a little older? Where is all of the inspiration for a kids’ room? They need a personal space to retreat that’s full of imagination and color, or a calm neutral depending on their sensory preferences. Get creative when designing a kids room and aim for something timeless as opposed to trends or characters that they will quickly outgrow. 


Desk or no desk? 

Does your child do a ton of homework or are they creative and enjoy art? Maybe a desk is a good addition to their room. A built-in desk that can be folded in and out could be a space-saving option for the days that they want to sit in bed or in the dining room to get work done. 

If you do choose to add a desk in your child’s room, paint it a color that will accent their style or choose a fun lamp and chair to pair with it. 


Statement walls bring the fun.

As mentioned in our previous post about accent walls, bold and bright colors are okay in personal rooms and will give more creative freedom to your kids. Let them pick bright colors or a patterned wallpaper that will outlast the little years and pair well with their toys. 


Built-ins with storage save headaches. 

Are you overwhelmed with the pile of toys and clothes covering the floor every time you go into the kids’ room? Any furniture that is anchored to the wall counts as “built-in”, so even if you can’t reconstruct a wall, you can find a shelving unit that can stay in place. Cube shelves are convenient for kids’ rooms because they offer decoration and functionality together. 

Another great built-in option is chairs or benches with storage for double usage. You can find bean bag-type chairs that are filled with stuffed animals to keep them off of the floor or an ottoman that can hold books. 


Look up. 

Accent walls aren’t the only places you can play with patterns. If you have a flat-surface ceiling or don’t mind doing a little extra work to turn the ceiling into a canvas, paint it with a design that gets their imagination going. A blue ceiling with clouds will make them feel like they’re sleeping on air or constellations will make each night feel like a campout. 


These are a few simple ways to add depth and creativity to your child’s room without breaking the bank. Let your child be involved in the process and help turn this into a space that they will enjoy for years to come.

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