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Making a Small Space Feel Bigger

Posted by admin on October 23, 2018
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If you have ever experienced apartment living or shared a home with roommates, you are probably familiar with the challenges small spaces can present. You may have to get creative with how furniture is arranged to best maximize the space you’re given or think of other solutions. Thankfully, we have 3 simple tips to give on making your small home space feel bigger.


Thoughtful Paint Colors

The right paint color can instantly change the appearance of a room and give the impression of additional space. White, cream, grey or other neutrals create a streamlined look and help accent natural lighting that comes in through windows. A white ceiling can bring visual openness as well and create an inviting atmosphere.


Smart Storage

There are plenty of flexible and innovative storage solutions on the market today to help keep everything handy that you need and keep clutter out of sight. If the kitchen is small, consider a roll-away island with cabinets underneath to have items available when you need them and stored away when you don’t. Spices or glasses can be hung under cabinets with mounted fixtures. In living rooms or bedrooms with limited space, think about the option of mounting things from the ceiling such as bicycles!


Multi-purpose Furniture

Find furniture that can multitask between purposes. Storage ottomans are a great living room accessory that both look stylish and keep items hidden when not in use. Folding pieces are great as well because they can be tucked away after use. In the bedroom, having a higher bed (or adding risers) opens up storage space underneath for crates or boxes to fit.


You don’t have to sacrifice function and style just because square footage is smaller. Think creatively to minimize where you can and keep an inviting space for yourself and guests.

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