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Posted by admin on February 19, 2021
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The housing market is still rebounding amidst the pandemic, which means it’s a good time for sellers. After so much time spent sheltering in place, some people have decided it’s time for a change of scenery and space. Have you thought about selling your home? Think about some of the key features you could use as selling points. There are a few specific things the majority of buyers are looking for when shopping for a new home, so see if you can highlight any of them in your listing. 

Laundry Room

A separate laundry room with ample space keeps clothing (looking at you, unfolded pile of shirts from a week ago!) out of main areas in the home such as couches or guest beds. It’s definitely an eyesore for anyone who stops by for a visit. A laundry room with a good amount of space is also beneficial for those laundry loads that require a little bit of extra care. If there is enough room for a drying rack, consider adding one in.

Energy Efficiency

Buyers are looking to lower utility bills, especially if they are increasing in mortgage payments by purchasing a newer or larger home. Energy-efficient windows can trim utility costs by about 12% and appliances with an Energy Star rating could potentially save $40 per year or more. 


A good outdoor space is a coveted new home feature. Since it looks like social distancing may be here to stay for quite some time, many homeowners have opted to have small gatherings in their backyards to make it easier for guests to maintain a 6 feet or more distance from one another, whereas they may be more cramped inside of the home. The popularity of the patio can also be attributed to home improvement shows, which tend to showcase outdoor spaces and all of the design potential they have. 

Ceiling Fans

While this may seem like a standard home feature, not everyone has them in their home. Keeping a fan running during warmer months can lower cooling costs as it helps the air circulate better. 

Walk-in Pantry

Homeowners, especially those with large families, know the kitchen can quickly become overcrowded and counters full of snack clutter. Most homes come with a basic, small pantry to store non-perishables and essentials, but a walk-in contains more storage capabilities with easier views for finding necessary items. 

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is much easier to maintain than carpet and offers an overall cleaner look. It simply needs sweeping and mopping with the occasional polish, which means spills aren’t a huge deal. If that glass of wine falls on the carpet, on the other hand, you’re in for a headache and some serious stain-removing elbow grease. 

You may have some of these features in your home already or you may not, and that’s okay. If any of them seem like they could sell your home quickly, consider investing in a few renovations before your listing goes live. There’s a good chance you’d get a return on investment with the right offer. 

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