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New Homeowner Book List

Posted by admin on January 4, 2021
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Are you a reader? Does extensive research through books help you better accomplish what you need? If so, there are a few books that may help during your path to new homeownership. A few of our realtors have recommended some of their favorite reads to get you started. 


100 Things Every Homeowner Must Know: How to Save Money, Solve Problems and Improve Your Home by the Editors of Family Handyman

This book has a nearly perfect 4.6/5 star rating from readers. It helps homeowners avoid frustrations and save money by making informed decisions. Some of the how-tos inside include but are absolutely not limited to: be ready for a natural disaster, cut heating and cooling costs, keep termites out of your home, make appliances last and get rid of mold and mildew. You can purchase the book here

Recommended By Charlissa McGauley Culp


So You’re Renting Your House for the Tournament!  by Laurie Easterlin

This step-by-step rental and preparation guide is a complete manual to help you properly rent your home for the Masters Tournament in Augusta. It covers monthly tasks to be aware of and how to stay noticed in this highly competitive market. Grab a copy here

Recommended By Ryan Seymour


Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House by Cheryl Mendelson

Home Comforts is a classic resource to help manage everyday chores, choose the perfect decor, and find creative solutions that will help enhance your home experience. Click here to grab a copy in paperback or for your e-reader. 

Recommended By Alyssa Summers


I’m a Homeowner, Now What? A Logbook for Everything in Your Home by Peter Pauper Press

Complete with concise lists to fill in and charts to stay organized, this compact notebook makes planning easier than ever for all aspects of homeownership. It includes contact lists for vendors and handymen as well as info sheets for all areas of your home. Click here for a logbook of your own. 

Recommended By Sam Datta

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