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October Home Checklist

Posted by admin on October 15, 2020
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The weather has finally cooled down enough for cozy sweaters and bonfires with friends. When summer ends, it’s necessary to make a few changes around the home in preparation for the colder months. Here is your October checklist to be sure your home is fall-ready! 

Clean the Mudroom

Back-to-school season can wreak havoc on a mudroom/drop zone space. To maintain sanity and cleanliness, dedicate an hour or so to tidying up that area. Clear stray papers and store summer items in the garage or attic. Refresh or replace your doormat as well, and place a recycling and trash bin by the door to avoid mail and school papers getting left behind to create clutter. 

Celebrate the Season with Natural Decor

If you don’t want to pull a bunch of pumpkins and pampas grass out of storage and put it back every year, find a few large pumpkins from a local patch or market to set on your porch that you can toss at the end of the season. Most local markets and pumpkin patches carry a wide variety of natural decor that you don’t have to worry about keeping track of every year, so plan a day to go shopping. 

Replace HVAC Filters

This should really be a monthly thing, but go ahead and replace your HVAC filter if you haven’t recently. Fall allergies can hit fast and hard, so it is important to keep the air circulating clearly with no debris that could irritate you further. 

Test Safety Devices

If you haven’t switched from air to heat, it’s likely that you will very soon. This is a good time to check the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure safety throughout the home. 

Rake the Leaves

The trees are steadily changing and leaves are falling. Schedule a day at least once a week or during the weekend to go outside and rake them up to keep the yard clear. 

Prep Outdoor Lounge Areas

If you plan to leave patio furniture and grills outside during the cooler months, cover them when not in use and try to store them under an awning to help protect them from heavy rains or snow. Even in mild climates like here in the CSRA, it’s good to keep grills covered when not in use to preserve their finish. 

Clean the Gutters

When the leaves are falling, gutters can easily become full of debris and cause damage with standing water. Clear them out and inspect them thoroughly for any repairs that may be needed. 

By taking these measures, your home will be ready to push through the end of the year. 


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