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Open Houses in 2021

Posted by admin on March 31, 2021
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With the state of the world-changing constantly, businesses must be flexible with their practices. One of the hardest hit industries in the past year has been real estate; however, they have proven to be extremely flexible and adaptable even in a pandemic. Virtual showings and sight-unseen sales rose dramatically due to it being more difficult to meet in person. Some realtors and companies, however, changed the way they hold open houses to still make it possible for potential homebuyers to visit. 

When lockdowns were slightly lifted and businesses were able to operate again in more of a normal way (add masks, sanitizer and social distancing), realtors had to think of a way to hold showings and open houses safely while following state and CDC guidelines. 

Preparing a video tour or hiring a videographer to do so is essential in marketing homes for sale in 2021. A good, thorough walkthrough of a beautifully staged home could make the sale. This has always been beneficial for those who may be military or moving from another state and unable to visit beforehand, but has grown in popularity with potential buyers not being able to hop from house to house as frequently as they used to. 

A live stream or FaceTime call has been extremely beneficial for clients as well. They can ask questions in real time and see specific details that they may not get with a pre-recorded video. 

In-person open houses are still possible, but guidelines should be followed. This includes limiting the number of guests inside of the home at one time, sanitizing stations available, requiring masks and maintaining a six-foot social distance from other guests. Scheduling multiple blocks of time and asking guests to RSVP may be able to help distribute the crowds at a safer level. 

The real estate industry has always been able to adapt to the ever-changing status of technology and marketing and now they have a pandemic under their belt. It is completely possible to hold open houses in a safe way and keep potential homebuyers happy. If you are looking for local open houses, check realtor websites and social media to see what procedures they have in place to keep you and others safe. 

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