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Posted by admin on July 1, 2021
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Organizing a Garage Sale

If you are looking to declutter and make some extra cash, a garage sale is typically your best bet for a quick buck. However, there can be a lot of planning that goes into making it happen depending on how much you’re trying to get rid of. Here are a few tips to follow before opening your garage door to the public: 

Get Approval from the HOA 

If your neighborhood has a Homeowners Association, you’ll need to clear the garage sale with them before setting any plans in stone. Some neighborhoods allow community sales at certain times of year, while others just need to know a few days in advance if you’ll have extra traffic around your home for a sale. Be sure to let them know either way and make sure it’s okay to host one. 

Create Signs

Once you’ve had any approval needed, go ahead and create signage and online ads for your sale. You can either have them made or make your own with posters and tape. If your neighborhood has a social media page, share the date and time on there as well as other online marketplace pages to get the word out. 

Keep the Home Safe

When you have your garage sale, be sure that the garage is the only thing accessible by the public. Put up a sign that there are no public restrooms, lock all windows and doors and pull curtains down so no one can peek inside. 

Organize Your Goods

Much like a regular store would lay out their space, try to keep like items grouped together for easier navigation during your garage sale. Have a section for antiques/collectibles, one for clothing (try to group in sizes as well), one for tools, and so on. Also, lay your things out on tables or racks if possible. Keeping the items at eye level will make it easier for shoppers to clearly see it all without having to stoop down to the ground to look. 

Have a Plug Available

If you plan to sell any electronics items or power tools, have a plug available so you can test items for the shoppers before they purchase. 

Make Sure the Price is Right 

You’ll have a higher chance of garage sale success with multiple lower-priced items instead of a few high-priced ones. The point is to declutter first, then make money. A good rule of thumb typically is to price your items around 20% of what you paid for them depending on the condition. 

Donate Extras

Finally, since you’re trying to declutter, plan to donate any items you may have left. Look for local charities or shelters around town that may be able to use the items or have them hauled off to a dump if you can’t donate them. Whatever you do, don’t leave them sitting to take up space. 

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