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Organizing the Bathroom

Posted by admin on July 1, 2019
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Does it feel impossible to keep your bathroom clean and organized? The bathroom is obviously one of the most commonly used rooms in the home and can take a regular beating. Having a freshly organized bathroom can make a world of difference in your morning routine and create a great start to the day with a clutter-free, calming space. Though it may feel overwhelming, the bathroom can be simple to clean due to its small space. Get a head start on a fresh bathroom with these 5 ideas: 


Start with Decluttering

There’s a good chance that your bathroom is inundated with unused, empty or expired products. Take an inventory of everything taking up space in your bathroom and evaluate whether or not you actually need it. If it is out of date, it automatically goes to the garbage. Do you have multiple quantities of the same item? Try condensing them into one container or toss the ones that are near empty. Too many towels? Purge those too and keep only a necessary amount in the bathroom. 


Keep the Counters Clean

Having as few items on the counter as possible allows for ease of access to what you need and lessens the chance of knocking something over every time you wash your hands. Try to limit counter items to the back ⅓ of the counter to have enough space to get ready in the mornings. 


Utilize Cabinet Doors for Storage

The inside of your cabinet doors are an often overlooked storage option. Attach a magazine holder to the inside of the door for easy storage of hair products such as brushes and curling irons. You can also screw in some toothbrush organizers to keep your dental hygiene items easily accessible while freeing up counter space. 


Drawer Dividers for Smaller Items 

Drawer dividers aren’t just for the kitchen. Smaller items can easily get lost in drawers, creating a jumbled mess that seems impossible to go through when you’re in a hurry. A simple drawer divider is the perfect solution to organizing your smaller products and being able to find them more easily. 


Add a Laundry Bin

Though it may seem like an eyesore, home stores have an array of new and modern laundry baskets that can be used in the bathroom to easily gather dirty towels. It automatically helps separate towels from other laundry to make the laundry routine easier as well. 



Once you’ve come up with a streamlined organization plan for the bathroom, morning routines will become much easier. Remember to get rid of what you don’t need and maintain the things you keep! 

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