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Organizing Your Home Office

Posted by admin on August 24, 2021
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Do you work from home for business or have an office space for hobbies/fun? No matter how you utilize your home office, keeping it clean and organized will increase productivity and decrease stress. Piles of paper and trash will bring anxiety and drive you into tasks that keep you from accomplishing your work. To keep the clutter at bay and have a visually-appealing office space, come up with a plan of attack to organize your home office in just a few days. 

Deal with Paper

Do you really need to keep every single piece of paper in your home office? No. Go on a fact-finding mission to determine which papers are necessary to keep (tax documents, current bills, etc.) and which ones can go. If you are discarding papers with personal information, keep a shredder around. All papers that are being kept should be sorted into piles with specific categories so they are easier to find. 

Clear the Space

Pull items out of your desk and sort them into piles, such as writing supplies in one pile and computer accessories in another. Are you noticing duplicates? Do you really need two hole punchers? Probably not. Create a separate pile of things you plan to toss or donate. 


Think of an organizational system that will work for you. Are you constantly dealing with papers and files? Invest in a file cabinet if you don’t have one already to keep everything in a designated space that is easy to find. If you have art supplies, mount a pegboard to the wall with various cups and buckets for pens, paintbrushes, paints and more. 

Freshen the Room

Now that the hardest parts of organizing are behind you, vacuum the office from top to bottom! Clear any dust from fans, windows and remove debris from the floor. If you don’t have carpet in the room, sweep and mop it thoroughly. Wipe down surfaces with an anti-bacterial cleaning solution and clean all of your monitors and keyboards. 

Come up with a Daily Maintenance Plan 

Now that your space is ready for a fresh start, create a schedule that will be easy to stick to for keeping it maintained and decluttered. Handle any papers as soon as they come in as opposed to stacking them all in a pile that just adds up to clutter. Schedule weekly times to shred any necessary documents and reset your desk space. 

Follow these tips and keep a regular cleaning schedule to ensure that your home office is perfect for productivity in any situation. 

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