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Packing the Kitchen for a Move

Posted by admin on July 31, 2019
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Packing for a move to a new home can be tedious, especially when the time comes to focus on the kitchen. Between glass, small appliances and silverware, the task can quickly become daunting and overwhelming. If you’re okay with living off of disposable dishware for a while, it can be easier to pack early. You could also leave out a few staple pieces that you don’t mind re-washing while everything else is packed. It is best to decide which approach is best for you and your family before packing up the kitchen belongings. Consider tackling these areas one at a time to ease the load. 


Dishes and Breakables

Home improvement and moving stores sell boxes specifically designed for carrying dishes, so be sure to stock up on a few. They come with an extra cardboard layer to withstand the bumps that can occur in the middle of the move. There are also dish sleeves made of thin foam that can be placed in between glass plates or cups. Add packing paper around gaps in the box for one more layer of protection. 


Cutlery and Accessories

Silverware can be grouped by type and wrapped in dish towels or tossed in plastic bags. Another option for quick packing would be to take plastic wrap and cover your drawer organizer to ensure that each piece stays in place. For other kitchen tools, group them by size and pack them together to find and separate them quickly when unpacking at the new house. 


Small Appliances

Clean all small appliances before beginning to pack them up. If you still have the original boxes for any of them, packing will be easy. If you need to use another box, layer a towel or packing paper on the bottom for cushioning since small appliances can get heavy. Place any heavier pieces on the bottom and small parts or accessories around the top. 


Pots and Pans 

Take all pots and pans out of the cabinets and lay them out to see how they can be stacked. Start with frying pans, then casserole pans, then sauce pans. Place a layer of packing paper between each pan to avoid scratches. Lids can be squeezed into the corners of the boxes. 


Food and Pantry

Starting over in a new home means getting rid of the clutter in your pantry. First, automatically toss anything that is expired. Next, evaluate what you really need to bring to the new home and donate the rest to a food bank or local charity in need. It is really only necessary to keep some ready-to-make essentials while you are busy unpacking during the first few days. 


By staying focused while packing, everything can be wrapped and organized efficiently. Don’t let the task of packing overwhelm you, but instead group everything accordingly and enjoy the refreshing start in your new home.

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