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Posted by admin on April 28, 2020
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When preparing to list your home for sale, first impressions are everything. Questions about home maintenance, appliances or school zones are all secondary factors. The most important thing is giving the buyer a positive feeling as soon as they enter your home. 

A home’s color palette serves as the backdrop for furniture and decor staging as well as the overall atmosphere of the home. If you have rooms decorated with funky colors and patterns that were trendy for a period of time, it would be a smart idea to repaint before putting your home on the market. Here is a list of timeless paint colors that are more likely to attract buyers and get your home sold quickly: 

Light Gray

Gray is a cooler-toned alternative to a typical beige and creates a calm, soothing atmosphere throughout the home. This is a neutral that showcases your home’s features and matches a variety of decor colors. 


If you’re looking for a mix between gray and beige, taupe is the way to go. This neutral tone adds a hint of color and can almost camouflage to different styles and colors of decor. If you have an earth-toned room with plants and natural colors, the taupe will blend in seamlessly as it can bring out the greens. It catches the eye without overwhelming the room. 


Not only is white on-trend, but it is a classic that you can’t go wrong with. It will bring out the natural lighting and make the room feel larger. Something will cool gray or blue undertones will accent the furniture perfectly and feel inviting, yet clean. 


Not to be mistaken with taupe, greige is more of a beige with gray undertones. Classic beige is on its way out as it has become dated. This mixture of gray and beige will still feel warm and inviting while staying more up-to-date. 

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