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Playgrounds at Home

Posted by admin on April 10, 2019
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Some of our fondest memories growing up were digging in sand pits or swinging in the backyard. With the rapid growth of technology today, it can be hard to keep kids off of screens and convince them to be active. Why not give your backyard a personal touch that will motivate the kids to enjoy the outdoors again? While most children are more than satisfied with a swing or trampoline, you can make the backyard extra special and the talk of the neighborhood with these 3 ideas.


Backyard Climbing Wall

This is a great idea for homeowners with smaller lots, but any size yard will fit this fun activity. Individual climbing holds are sold online as well as packages with multiple holds. These can be attached to the fence or to a piece of strong plywood secured to the side of the home. Paint the “climbing wall” to make it more fun for the kids and watch them increase their strength!


Upcycled Bookshelf Sandbox

Have an old bookshelf laying around that you’re about to throw out? Try repurposing it instead! Lay the bookshelf on the ground outside and paint it any color or design you’d like, drill a few small holes in the bottom for drainage and fill with bagged sand from your local home improvement store. Since bookshelves have divided space, you can keep one section sand-free to fill it with shovels and toys! To protect it from rain, cut a piece of plywood to fit over the box and add handles for easy on-and-off.


Fence Art Station

If you have a creative child but need to get them outside more, a built-in chalkboard on the fence will do the trick. Grab a cement backer board and bolt it to the fence (you have the option to add a wooden frame around it with your choice of paint color). Coat the backer board with a chalkboard paint and attach a hook at the bottom to hang a bucket full of chalk supplies! Now your little artist is ready to enjoy some time in the sun while letting their creative juices flow.


Once you’ve tried one (or all) of these ideas, your little ones will want all of their friends over constantly to show off their cool activities! Give it a try this season and show us your favorites.

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