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Pool Picnic Ideas

Posted by admin on April 30, 2021
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Pool Picnic Ideas

        Pool parties are a great way to connect family and friends during the summer. Whether you have your own backyard pool or want to plan an event at a neighborhood or community pool, here are a few ideas to consider:

        Send invites to guests you want at your pool picnic party. Create an event on social media or go the old-school route with handwritten invitation cards sent by mail. Once a day and time is set for the picnic, get the word out to anyone and everyone that you want to enjoy the time with.


        Decide how you’ll arrange the food. Will you be taking care of everything or would you rather plan a potluck-style gathering? If you’re hosting at a public or neighborhood pool, check to see if there are restrictions as far as what can be brought. If you do decide to have a potluck, create a sign-up sheet via email, social media or text to ensure that guests don’t bring the same thing.

Easy-to-handle snacks and desserts are always a great route when planning pool parties. Find easy recipes for handheld foods such as slider sandwiches, chips and dip, and fruit trays. These are easy for guests to contribute to as well.

        Decorate the area if possible. Luau themes are always popular and easy to shop for during the summer, but you can also find other fun ideas such as fruits and beach themes. Plan your food choices around the theme- if it’s a “fruity” party, make refreshing treats such as watermelon popsicles and pineapple rings. Grab a few cheap, fun pool floats from your favorite store and make each moment of the picnic a photo-worthy memory.

        Another fun consideration for a pool party picnic is booking an ice cream truck. There are quite a few local businesses that you can contact from our previous “CSRA Food Trucks” post to see if they would be willing to stop by for your event. This gives guests a larger choice option and refreshing treats that you don’t have to be solely responsible for.

        Don’t forget the sunscreen and remind your guests to bring some as well! If you are hosting a picnic at the neighborhood pool, contact your HOA to see what the rules and restrictions may be. Enjoy a gathering with family and friends under the hot summer sun!



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