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Preparing for 2021

Posted by admin on December 1, 2020
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After the year we have had, it seems useless to set any goals or resolutions for 2021. However, we must look forward with hope. We have all spent most of this year running around aimlessly and it seems like life has been in shambles at times. Setting goals such as “lose weight”, “save money”, or “learn something new” aren’t concrete goals. Instead, set SMART goals: 


The issue with the aforementioned goals is that they are not specific enough. Instead, set a weight loss goal of x pounds so you have something to track. 


How much money do you want to save? When do you want to have it saved by? Asking these questions will give you a concrete idea of what you are aiming for. 


Think about the steps you are going to take to achieve your goals. 


Don’t expect to lose 50 pounds between January 1 and February 1. Set smaller goals and be impressed with yourself when you surpass them! 


Give yourself a deadline. Write in your calendar that you’ll have a personal budget written by the end of January. 

Poorly constructed goals can quickly end your motivation to achieve them. It’s easy to give up when you’re not seeing results, but be sure you have an idea of the results you want in the first place. This is where SMART goals can be a huge benefit to preparing for a new year. 

Another helpful way to process your goals and resolutions is by keeping a journal. Write everything down that you hope to achieve or learn in 2021, then make daily or weekly journal entries with your progress. The act of physically writing important things down gives you a tangible view of what you’re setting out to accomplish. It takes time, patience, and dedication, but you CAN reach goals in 2021. Don’t let the mishaps of 2020 drag you down and use this New Year as a fresh start. 

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