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Protecting Hardwood Floors from the Christmas Tree

Posted by admin on December 19, 2018
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Having a real Christmas tree in your home can be such a fun time for the family. The thrill of going to pick out the perfect one, hauling it home and enjoying that fresh pine smell throughout the season is one of the best things about the holiday season. However, your beautiful tree can wreak havoc on your hardwood floors if not taken care of properly. We have a few suggestions on keeping your floors in pristine shape while enjoying your holiday tree.


Clean and prep your floors.

Before placing the tree in your home, be sure to clean the floors. Use a vacuum that is compatible with hardwoods and a microfiber mop. Using a broom can damage the floors further as the bristles can be rough and cause scratches.


Create a barrier.

Set up a stand and drain tray for the tree so sap and pine needles will not accumulate on the floor and ruin the finish. There are also mats you can purchase in Christmas colors that will safely protect hardwoods from leaks and loose pine needles. These are durable and fold for easy storage so they can be used year after year.


Bring the tree in safely.

Place sheets on the floor when bringing the tree in to protect hardwoods from scratching. Be careful not to drag the tree across the floor. Enlist help if needed to carry the tree from the door to the stand and be sure to shake off any loose pine needles before carrying.


Maintain the tree.

Keeping your tree well hydrated will prevent extra needles from falling and scratching the floor. Vacuum often and use the microfiber mop to sweep up loose pieces.


Clean up after the holidays.

When you are ready to take the tree down, try putting a garbage bag around the bottom to prevent more debris from falling. Once you have removed the tree, drain the stand carefully and check for any sap leaks. Mop any additional messes left from the tree and take it to a recycling center.


It is possible to keep your hardwoods intact while enjoying a beautiful real tree. Take the necessary precautions and you will have a lovely decorated home for the holidays!

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