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Protecting Your Valuables

Posted by admin on October 25, 2019
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While it is never a welcome occurrence, burglaries or disasters happen sometimes. Whether an unexpected event or a storm blowing through your neighborhood, losing valuable items can cause a ton of stress and heartbreak. There a few important tips to follow when hiding and protecting your most valuable items at home. 


Have a Fire Safe

One of the most important items to purchase as soon as you move into your home is a fire safe. This is a box that comes in a variety of sizes based on your needs that will resist any flames in the event of a house fire. It will typically repel water as well if a flood happens for any reason. Create a unique code that won’t be easy to guess in the event that an intruder is in your home, or store the key in a safe place if the box has a typical lock. 


Hide Cash and Jewelry in Unexpected Places

Set aside a small pile of cash to keep in case of an emergency. Obviously, you won’t want to keep it in a spot that’s easy to find. The same goes with expensive or heirloom jewelry. The loss can be devastating if an intruder were to get their hands on something so timeless. A few ideas of where to hide these items could be in a hollowed-out book blended in to your bookshelf, wrapped up in foil in the back of the freezer (also safe if a fire happens), behind a picture frame, or buried in a small safe in your backyard. It’s important to think outside the box here. 


Install an Effective Security System 

Cameras are typically likely to deter burglars from homes. When they know their face has been caught, they are more likely to run without attempting to break into the home and face an inevitable arrest later. Surveillance cameras are easier to access than in previous years and are usually fairly affordable. Doorbell cameras are another great option and depending on the quality, will give a crisp view of your would-be intruder. 

Alarm systems are also useful to install in the home, especially if you choose a system that will alert police of any unusual activity. 


While it’s never fun to think about your safety and the protection of your valuables, it is a necessary extra measure to take to ensure that nothing will happen to your most treasured items. 

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